Jingles made to measure

We are happy to consult with clients to get a clear understanding of product and market strategy. Together we can discuss what selling points need emphasis, the target market, message and style. We will develop a value plus music package which will tie in and enhance the overall objectives and budget.

A preliminary demonstration CD or Mp3 of the jingle will be produced for
approval before the jingle is finalised.

Upon completion, you will receive your jingle package on CD:


  1. 30 second jingle
  2. A top and tail or 'donut' with your signature sung at the start and end.
  3. A top followed by instrumentation
  4. A tail followed by instrumentation
  5. A full instrumental version
  6. 15 second version

Have a listen:

We are happy to negotiate extra mixes or just produce a signature message at
the start or finish of the custom made music.

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